Cross-Sector Business Development . . .

You know that investing in corporate social responsibility initatives is good for business, and that tangible benefits have been found from investing in your own employees or communities. But with the variety of strategies available on the market, and emerging ideas surface all the time, which one do you choose from? Who do you partner with?

Using our unique combination of business management and scientific analysis knowledge, combined with a deep expertise in public health and conservation, we can help you conduct rigorous upfront research and convene core industry leaders to screen for the best opportunities.

Our technical industry knowledge spans healthcare payment and delivery, public health, conservation,and outdoor recreation. Our experience in developing successful cross-sector partnerships will enable to help you convene and engage with leaders from multiple sectors along the value chain, identify common goals, and develop pertinent solutions for your specific business challenge.

We can help you identify the complexity and nuances associated with forming a strategic partnership and select a direction that plays to your strengths. We can also help you monitor partner performance over time.

  • Deep expertise in cross-sector partnership development
  • Technical industry knowledge in healthcare, public health, conservation, and outdoor recreation
  • Data-driven and scientifically-sound research approach
  • Impactful corporate sustainability strategies

Strategic Planning . . .

You have the vision for your business, but do you have the operations and capabilities to bring it to life? Using our deep management expertise and diverse sector experience, we help clients rethink strategy, governance, and operating models to prepare for growth and maximize impact.

Public, private, and social sectors working together can become a catalytic force to meet our greatest societal challenges.

With our diverse industry experience, JWG Global can co-create new solutions with you, or help you evolve existing solutions beyond the concept and pilot phases.

We focus on strengthening linkages between sectors, quantifying and communicating impact, and mobilizing the fast-evolving ecosystem of players to drive results.

Processes are at the heart of creating value. We provide end-to-end design and planning services to help define, improve, or automate processes at your organization to improve efficiency and effectiveness and to deliver better value. We have experience leading and facilitating planning sessions and distilling complex information into the strategy.

  • Strengthen links between public, private, and social sectors
  • Analyze current landscape, barriers, and opportunities for action
  • Develop and refine mission, vision, and goals
  • Rethinking models to prepare for growth and maximum impact
  • Mobilize players to drive results
  • Co-create new solutions or evolve existing ones
  • Incorporate industry best practices
  • Rethinking models to prepare maximum social impact

Execution & Evaluation . . .

With our experience developing, managing, and transforming programs for Fortune 50 companies, public, and nonprofit clients, we'll be able to help you design implementation and evaluation plans that’ll meet your goals and achieve successes.

At JWG, we incorporate in-depth analytics expertise, change management principles, and project management best practices to help you meet your objectives.

  • End-to-end process design and planning
  • Quantify, measure, and communicate impact
  • Determine data tracking and evaluation approach
  • Define, improve, and automate processes
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness and deliver better value
  • Manage timeline, risks, issues, budgets, and communicate progress
  • Incorporate change maangement and program management best practices
  • Versatile approach tailored to your business
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