JWG is a management consulting and research think tank based in Colorado with local and international project expertise. JWG seeks to provide management strategy and interdisciplinary insights to the society’s most pressing conservation and health challenges and opportunities.


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Strategic Planning

Using our deep management expertise and diverse sector experience, we help clients rethink strategy, governance, and operating models to prepare for growth and maximize impact.

business development

With our unique combination of science, management, and industry knowledge, we will be able to conduct rigorous upfront research, convene key industry leaders, and help you screen for the best opportunities to achieve your business objectives.

execution & Evaluation

With our experience developing, managing, and transforming programs for Fortune 50 companies, public, and nonprofit clients, we'll be able to help you design implementation and evaluation plans that’ll meet your goals and achieve successes.


"Janette is a strong project manager, skilled at planning, tracking, and completing needed tasks to get the job done." 

Celia Vanderloop  | Environmental Manager
North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative

"Janette is an impressive,intelligent and well-rounded consultant with equally strong analytic, project management and client facilitation capabilities." 

Scott Whitt  | Principal
Deloitte Consulting

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